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In-situ observation of eutectic growth during directional solidification of succinonitrile – (D)camphor- neopentyl glycol alloys under imposed velocity transients

In the present work are reported ground-reference results from a series of transient solidification experiments with the organic eutectic alloys SCN-23.6 DC (wt.%) and SCN-24.2DC-0.5NPG (wt.%), which have been performed in preparation of microgravity experiments using a new multi-user facility called Transparent Alloys or DIRSOL. In 1g lab conditions we investigated the response of rod-like eutectic patterns to imposed transients, involving defined acceleration and deceleration of the growth velocity.

Thermocapillary effects during the melting of phase change materials in microgravity: Heat transport enhancement

An extensive numerical investigation of the heat transport enhancement achieved by the thermocapillary effect during the melting of Phase Change Materials in microgravity is presented. The phase change transition is analysed for the high Prandtl number paraffin n-octadecane in a two-dimensional rectangular container subjected to isothermal conditions along the lateral boundaries.