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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

This is a very fast growing area and at CCS we are determined to be in the center of this growth.

Our researchers work in many different application fields such as aircraft design, transport logistics, geomarketing, genomics-proteomics, or video gaming, among others. Also, in the need of solving key medical challenges we actively collaborate with the Biomedical Technology Center (Centro de Tecnología Biomédica, CTB) at UPM, with many medical and experimental healthcare activities, both with industry (MERCK, Sanofi, Abbott pharma companies), and public institutions (Hospital Puerta de Hierro, Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Hospitales de Madrid).

Our researchers in this area have an international background in data mining and intelligent data analysis (see key researchers); in particular in the management and exploitation of large volumes of data and the use of high-performance techniques to deal with complex problems. These researchers form also one of the reference groups in heuristic optimization in particular in high-dimensionality continuous domains; they have won the last two international competitions organized by the IEEE CEC (becoming the best technology in solving large-scale continuous optimization problems). In this particular field of activity the group has been working in the optimization of industrial processes (with Airbus and Nissan) as well as in high-dimensionality transport problems (with Skybus).

Some of the capabilities offered by this group of researchers are:

  • Multi-source data integrationdata warehousing and Big Datatechnologies.
  • High-performance data analysis techniques (classification, clustering, prediction).
  • Large-scale continuous optimization techniques (GAEDALIB).
  • High-dimensionality metaheuristics for transport and logistic scenarios.

Research groups

Data Mining and Simulation Group (MIDAS), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.