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Research Areas

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Our researchers work in many different application fields such as aircraft design, transport logistics, geomarketing, genomics-proteomics, or video gaming, among others.

Associated Technologies

Energy Efficiency

Currently, we have two other key areas of research that complement the CCS

ICT for Healthcare

This area is devoted to apply the strong abilities from CCS and the HM Hospitales Research Foundation in data collection and modellization.

New Computational Models and Algorithmics

New Computational Models and Algorithmics

In the future, there will be new computing models with the potential to solve problems intractable nowadays, and the Center is ready to play an active role in these potentially disruptive technologies.

Numerical Simulation

We aim to develop more efficient numerical algorithms by making use of new acceleration hardware platforms to increase the Numerical Simulation tools capabilities.

Space Science

Our researchers are responsible for the E-USOC (Spanish User Support and Operations Centre ), a center of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) specialized in Research and Development (R&D) activities in the fields of space science and technology.

Visualization and Data Interaction

Visualization and Data Interaction

The need for this area is growing rapidly due to the difficulty to extract knowledge from the huge amount of data being produce in the highly complex computational simulations.