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Key Researchers

Numerical Simulation

Manuel Pastor

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Manuel Pastor is full professor at the Civil engineering School (ETS de Ingenieros de Caminos) of the UPM. His main interests are numerical, constitutive and mathematical simulation. His experience also covers experimental geomechanics and Ocean Engineering (Geotech and CEPYC Laboratories at CEDEX – The Spanish national Center on Studies and Experimentation on Civil Engineering). He publishes regularly in journals such as J. Computational Engineering, Non Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Granular Matter, Int. J. Numerical Methods in Engineering, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Int. J. Num. Methods in Fluids, etc. Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Sevilla, and President of the International Association ALERT Geomaterials ( He has participated in the editorial boards of international Journals such as European Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Associate Editor), Computer Methods in Engineering Sciences (Corresponding Editor), Int. J for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics (Editorial Board), Mechanics of Cohesive-frictional Materials (Editorial Board), Dam Engineering (Editorial Board).

Eusebio Valero

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Eusebio Valero is professor in Applied Mathematics in the School of Aeronautics and member of the research group “Numerical Methods and Applications to Aerospace Technology”. He has more than 20 years of professional experience. He started his research and Ph.D. working on multiphase flows, but after a PostDoctoral Stay at the Von Karman Institute moved to Computational Fluids Dynamics and numerical simulation. Currently, leads a research group of more than 15 researchers, including PhD students and senior researchers. He has participated in more than 30 projects always in collaboration with industry and international and national research centers: Airbus Consortium, EADS, HP, BBVA, Assystem, Altran, REPSOL, ONERA, DLR, INTA, etc. His main lines of research are related to computational aerodynamic, fluid simulation, flow control, large-scale computation and numerical optimization of multiphase flows. He is currently coordinator of three European FP7 research projects: ANADE, NNATAC and AIRUP.

Gustavo Yepes Alonso

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Gustavo Yepes is professor of Astrophysics at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. He is specialist in Computational Cosmology. His main research area is the numerical modelling of the physics of self-gravitating fluids by means of particle-based algorithms which combine N-body techniques, to account for the gravitational evolution of collisionless (dark) matter with SPH methods to solve the fluid equations of the primordial gas that eventually will form the stars. He has participated in the realization of grand challenge cosmological simulations with multi-billion particles such as the MareNostrum Universe, the JUBILEE project, the Multidark Simulations or the MUSIC project. During the past 10 years he has been granted computing time in HPC facilities located in Spain (BSC, CeSViMa), across Europe (PRACE, LRZ, HLRS, Jülich, GENCI) and in USA (TITAN). In total, he got more than 200 million core-hours to run the numerical simulations for the different projects he has been involved. He is also an active user of PRACE Research Infrastructures, with several proposals granted. He collaborated in the preparation of the PRACE Science Case and became chair (2014-15) of the Programme Committee of the PRACE USER Forum. Apart from the realization of simulations he is also interested in visualization techniques of large particle-based simulations as well as in the application of machine learning techniques to the analysis of simulation results.