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Visualization and Data Interaction

Visualization and Data Interaction

The need for this area is growing rapidly due to the difficulty to extract knowledge from the huge amount of data being produce in the highly complex computational simulations. CCS uses technologies to increase the effectiveness of the simulations: new models of interaction and data representation, interactive steering of large-scale simulations.

Most of our members working in this line belong to the research group Modelling and Virtual Reality (GMRV). Currently their focus is on scientific visualization, interaction, physically based simulation and animation, virtual reality and visual analytics. This research group was created in 2000 with members of the URJC and UPM, and is led by Luis Pastor. With an ERC Starting Grant, GMRV collaborates with numerous European, Spanish and privately funded research programs in computer graphics, including the Human Brain Project and the Cajal Blue Brain Project.

We have a long-standing experience in:

  • Interactive visualization, including visual analytics and navigation-exploration of complex data.
  • Computer graphics and simulation: Data driven simulation, deformation-contact modeling, fluid-granular materials and molecular dynamics.
  • Haptic devices: Haptic rendering and training applications (surgical simulation).

Research groups

Modeling and Virtual Reality Group (GMRV), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Multimodal Simulation Lab, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.