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New Computational Models and Algorithmics

New Computational Models and Algorithmics

New Computational Models and Algorithmics

In the future, there will be new computing models with the potential to solve problems intractable nowadays, and the Center is ready to play an active role in these potentially disruptive technologies. One of these models is quantum computing. Much research, especially in classical algorithms for quantum simulations, has turned out to be particularly relevant since this is an important application area. Its results will be fundamental in nanotechnology, materials science, chemistry, biology, etc. Quantum algorithms for quantum artificial intelligence or google-like search have currently a role-changing potential.

The CCS researchers bring expertise in both theoretical models and practical applications, having also several patents awarded and worked in industry standards. The group has collaborated with several companies in building quantum key devices and networks and has a large experience in topics with a broad impact in the fundamentals of computer science and physics:

Research groups

Quantum Information and Computation Group, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Research group on quantum information and computation, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Polinomios Ortogonales y Geometría Fractal, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.