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ICT for Healthcare


This area is devoted to apply the strong abilities from CCS and the HM Hospitales Research Foundation in data collection and modellization. Real world healthcare data are at the base of exhaustive analysis and advanced models that translates in novel technology for clinical, therapeutics, diagnostic and prognostic decisions in real life.

The researchers handle billions of anonymized data from more than 2 million of medical consultations every year coming from the HM network comprising 20 healthcare facilities —both, for primary and specialized care— more than 1200 hospital beds and 70 operating theaters. This provides Real World Data to support evidence-based health management. Sophisticated models can forecast the effectiveness of new medical devices and the real benefits drawn from real evidence taken from actual clinical practice.

Research is also oriented to individual predictive medicine, where models of individual risk of severe acute diseases are used to forecast at which precise point in time an acute, extremely severe clinical event may occur.

Head of Healthcare Research Area

Cristóbal Belda-Iniesta, HM Hospitales Foundation for Research.

Research groups

IVEc-HM Hospitales Foundation for Research, HM Hospitales

Architecture and technology of computing systems, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos