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Nuevos Avances en Visualización Analítica

Principal Investigator

José María Peña Sánchez

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Date start: 01/07/2015
Date end: 31/12/2018

Funded by MINECO

The availability of new equipment, sensors, sensor networks and techniques has resulted in strong increases in the volume of information to be analyzed in many design, study and assessment tasks within Science and Engineering. Truly, progress brought about by the Information Society has produced such a wealth of data that it is very difficult to take full advantage of the new tools? potential, existing plenty of fields where carrying out a particular study is obstructed by the size of the data associated to that study and/or the number of parameters that define it. Additionally, the synthetic generations of results through complex simulations or procedural digital content generation techniques contribute to worsen this problem. Nowadays, the main troubles for researchers lie therefore not so much on the data acquisition stage, but on the exhaustive analysis of the available information for reaching a particular goal. In consequence, it is necessary to develop new methods that let users deal with large data volumes, including structured and semistructured data (such as image or text), or spatial and time series data. To do this, new techniques combining the data analysis with the visualization and interaction focused on users are required, enabling them to extract the knowledge buried inside large data sets, or reaching the conclusions envisaged by a particular study. Visual Analytics techniques emerge as a very promising approach, taking advantage of automated data analysis procedures and the capabilities of the human visual system The present proposal, NAVAN, aims towards the development of specific Visual Analytics methods based on the combination of data mining and advanced multimodal interaction techniques. Its deployment in several integrated, final tools, will facilitate the task of result analysis in a wide variety of application fields within the areas selected as project use cases. Additionally, using these tools will inspire progress in complex scenarios in a wide variety of disciplines not specifically addressed in this proposal. NAVAN has a multidisciplinary nature, both from the point of view of the application of an enabling technology to a variety of fields and from the integration of different Information Technologies. A number of international researchers and institutions EIPs are associated to the project.