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InnoLOG: Innovative geophysical logging tools for mineral exploration

Principal Investigator

Alfredo López Benito

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Date start: 01/04/2017
Date end: 31/03/2020

Funded by Comisión Europea

This project will impact by boosting of the competitiveness, of the European raw materials companies and providing innovative solutions for a more efficient and sustainable exploration. This proposal contributes with innovative advances in a range of technologies with high impact in the value chain, together with developments in technologies and innovative solutions.  The main objective of the project is to improve the performance of the existing downhole geophysical logging tools in the identification of specific minerals in the subsurface and mineral deposits evaluation. Innovative borehole logging tools based on recently developed sensors and innovative processing capabilities provide new opportunities for development of efficient downhole exploration tools suitable for detection and quantification of minerals and raw materials in the subsurface. Extensive testing of the tools’ performance first at research facilities and in mines is planned to demonstrate the efficiency of the new geophysical logging tools as high cost-effectiveness raw materials exploration tools and mineral diagnostic performance.

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