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FACET-2016: Integrated supportive services/products to promote FrAilty Care and wEll function

Principal Investigator

Date start: 01/01/2016
Date end: 31/12/2018

Funded by Comisión Europea

FACET proposes solutions to facilitate detection, monitoring and amelioration of frailty in older adults. Frailty can be reduced with improved communication between doctors and citizens via a simple system that allows monitoring of patients’ performance and facilitates interventions when needed.

Europe faces an important challenge with the burden of frailty, which is one of the major causes of disability and is currently poorly diagnosed. Implementation of new approaches and technologies may help to prevent and even reverse frailty. FACET aims to provide a holistic and transversal approach to frailty – focused on prevention, early detection and intervention – using improved communication between professionals and patients via new technologies.

The FACET system will enable a new holistic approach to frailty, potentially impacting the quality of life of 13.05 million people, including nearly half a million citizens annually who are in need of preventative measures. FACET will increase the awareness of citizens about frailty and its reversibility. It has a potential economic impact of €1.5 B per year in terms of the reduction in Europe’s healthcare costs.

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