Associated Technologies


Currently, we have two other key areas of research that complement the CCS:

Energy efficiency: Our team is working on new methods and tools to reduce the total energy consumption of data centers by using knowledge about the cooling and computing resources, as well as other applications. These help to deliver non-intrusive, proactive strategies for minimizing the energy requirements and, at the same time, to increase the reliability of the resources by avoiding thermal hotspots or thermal stress. They have published novel workload distribution techniques to take advantage from heterogeneity in IT resources, cooling control techniques taking into account leakage and temperature, and bio-inspired anomalies detection and recovery.

Network technologies: We have been developing efficient and autonomous parallel file systems and I/O services for both cluster and cloud environments. In addition, we follow an active research line in autonomous systems including aspects of system awareness, auto-configuration and predictive system behavior.

Research groups

Integrated Systems Laboratory, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

GreenLSI (energy optimization at data centers), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.