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SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: Integrating the Schroedinger-Poisson equation on Quantum Computing Devices.

November 25, 2021

Date and place:

Thursday, November 25th , 2021 at 12:00h,
Sala 201 in Módulo M-15 at UAM.

The seminar will also be broadcast via zoom:


Describing our first attempt to produce a real quantum-computer simulation of an astrophysical problem of interest to our community, namely the integration of the Schroedinger-Poisson equations, that are relevant for certain kind of Dark Matter and tend to the Vlasov-Poisson equations in the limit of infinite particle mass.

A very qualitative introduction to Quantum Computing will be given, then describe the problem, the classical solution, the SP solution on classical computers and on quantum computing devices.


Giuseppe Murante.
(INAF – Osservatorio di Trieste).


Department of Theoretical Physics.