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SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENT: Information visualization, theory and practice with “modern web” development approach

July 11, 2022 :: July 14, 2022

Date and place:

  • June, 11th to 14th , 2022.
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. (Campus de Móstoles Calle Tulipan s/n 28933, Móstoles, Madrid) .
    • Laboratorios Polivalentes I – Seminario 003


In this course we will discuss the fundamentals of information visualization focused on insights: Non-obvious, meaningful and actionable findings from the data. For this we will cover the theoretical concepts of visualization including brands and channels, perception theory, types of data and its best practices (graphs, trees, temporal, multidimensional, geographic, etc.), interaction and advanced concepts. All this will go hand in hand with a strong practical component based on modern web development stacks, using JavaScript, Observable, Vega-Lite and D3. At the end of this course you will have the basic theoretical and practical tools to start your way into the fascinating world of information visualization.


John Alexis Guerra Gómez del grupo KhouryVis ( from Northeastern University Bay Area (

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