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Human Brain Project and Neuroscience Spanish Open Forum

December 1, 2017

Human Brain Project and Neuroscience Spanish Open Forum

Madrid, Friday 1st of december of 2017

Location: Auditorium, Centro de Apoyo a la Investigación Tecnológica (CAIT),Parque Científico y Tecnológico, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Campus de Montegancedo, s/n, C. P. 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón

The Human Brain Project (HBP) is organizing a Neuroscience Forum to highlight the research in this field. The one-day event will include an overview about the HBP research, a how-to participate in the HBP through the Open Calls and Partnering Projects, invited talks by renowned experts, research highlights of groups outside and inside the HBP and an industry session. The meeting intends to strengthen relationships between the HBP and the Spanish Neuroscience and ICT community. We aim to discover synergies and foster collaboration among neuroscientist, ICT neuroscience related technologies and industry, achieving a strategic alignment of scientific Spanish research in fundamental neuroscience and advanced simulation.

Please, clik on the next link to download the agenda:

Confirmed speakers:

  • HBP structure, objectives and achievement: Javier DeFelipe ( CSIC/UPM )
  • How to participate in the HBP: Sara García and Watse Castelein from ( Fecyt ) and Pilar Flores-Romero from ( CTB-UPM )
  • Parkinson’s disease XXI Century: To move or not to move, this is the question: Dr. Obeso from ( HM Hospitales )
  • Technical talks: Pablo Toharia from CCS: (UPM/GMRV-URJC), Javier DeFelipe from CSIC/UPM, Rafael Luján from Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Pau Gorostiza from ICREA-IBEC-CIBERBBN, Jesús Garrido from Universidad de Granada, Gorka Zamora from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Francisco Clascá from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Raül Sirvent from Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Miguel Dasilva from IDIBAPS, Modesto Orozco from IRB Barcelona, Pedro Larrañaga from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  • Round table Chair: Gonzalo León ( UPM )
  • Round table: Victor González ( Next Limit ), Cristobal Belda ( HM Hospitales ), Juan Antonio Carreira (Grupo ATG) and Cecilia García Cena from (Aura Innovative Robotics-UPM spinoff).

CAIT – Centro de Apoyo a la Innovación Tecnológica

Parque Científico y Tecnológico UPM.
Campus de Montegancedo, Campus de Montegancedo, s/n
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón
Tlf.: 91 336 9202

How to Get Here

You have several ways of getting to the Facultad de Informática by both public transport and private car.

By public transport

Public transport users can take any of the following bus routes to the Facultad de Informática: By bus:

  • Route 591: Madrid (Aluche)-Boadilla (F.Informática) and Route 865: Madrid (Ciudad Universitaria)-Campus de Montegancedo
  • Route 865: Madrid (Ciudad Universitaria) – Campus de Montegancedo
  • Route 571: Madrid(Campamento)-Boadilla(Lomas – Bonanza)
  • Route 573: Madrid(Moncloa)-Boadilla(Urbanizaciones)
  • Route 566: Boadilla(Ronda)-Pozuelo(C. France)

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Access by car: Exit the M-40 at junctions 36 (northbound) or 38 (southbound).
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