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CCS researcher at E-USOC receives research award from the “Real Academia de Doctores de España” for a thesis on fluids vibrated in microgravity.

Pablo Salgado, PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the UPM, has been awarded ex aequo in the category of Experimental and Technological Sciences.

“Instabilities in vibrated fluids and manipulation of liquids in microgravity: theory and experiment”, is the title of Pablo Salgado Sánchez’s doctoral thesis, carried out at the ETSIAE of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and that has just been distinguished with a 2021 Research Award from the Real Academia de Doctores de España (RADE).

This award recognizes the best doctoral theses in Spain within their area that have been defended during the previous year (from July 2020 to July 2021 in this case) and that have obtained the qualification of outstanding cum laude. Specifically, it has been awarded in the category of Experimental and Technological Sciences, since the thesis presents a theoretical and experimental investigation of fluids vibrated in microgravity.

“This award represents a great personal and professional satisfaction. That an institution like the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain recognize the quality of the work was something simply unthinkable when I started my doctoral studies, and it is still hard for me to assimilate it as a reality”, Pablo responds gratefully.