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SSeMID: Stability and Sensitivity Methods for Industrial Design

This project is closed

SSeMID will provide valuable information of aerodynamic characteristics of an airplane paving the way to its complete industrialization while increasing the academic knowledge regarding instability mechanisms and covering the necessary skills and knowledge to train experts in this area.

DRAGY: Drag Reduction via Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Control

This project is closed

The proposed project “Drag Reduction via Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Control” (DRAGY) will approach the problem of turbulent drag reduction through the investigation of active/passive flow-control techniques to manipulate the drag produced by the flow structures in turbulent boundary layers.

InDeWaG: Industrial Development of Water Flow Glazing Systems

This project is closed

Although Nearly Zero Energy Buildings will become a “must” for new buildings in Europe by the end of 2020 – no particular building concept exists, which would enable maximum use of daylight by a transparent glass façade and at the same time ZEB performance.